Blog Post #Artprize 2012

This Friday, I had the chance to see many wonderful pieces of art and at the same time some that I just didn’t enjoy. I spend quite a good amount of time walking around, but once I was near the BOB, I saw some good artwork. One I enjoyed was the egg machine, put in a quarter out came an egg with a prize, most of the time it was a sticker and a voting ticket. But it was still pretty cool, I put in a dollar and got 4 eggs, I got a mini leopard which was cool another try I got a set of small aluminum keys, which I gave the keys to Ced. Also, I went inside the brown bus, it was nice, cabin style; you go in there and you walk straight through, around you was all sorts of wooden items such as furniture, some animal hides to even a marshall amp. Some of the art work I really didn’t like was the random fish in the river, like what was the artist trying to tell people? Was he/she try to say fish swim here? because they kinda do, I just felt it was just boring piece of art.

I believe art is what someone is trying to show their thoughts of an idea in their mind, through making a piece of work.

I believe all the pieces of work, showed morality; because each artist took a good amount of time from themselves to show their emotion. Whether it was from wood, plastic or metal, all the pieces of art showed what the artist was feeling.

what came first the egg or the prize?

Get near him, and he’ll eat you up

Reminds me of 4th grade, when I used to draw elephants

By fyordonez303

Blog Post #2

The Virtues:

Happiness described by Aristotle, is to do what people want to do to make themselves happy but doing things that benefit to others. In today’s society, people do whatever they want to be happy or get to the mind set of being happy, which could lead good things or bad things. For an example, someone might steal money to get some income, but they don’t realize that they stole to be happy, breaking the law. I believe people should live in a virtuous manner, to be cautious of how to be happy. That being said, people need to have some moral while being virtuous, people might want to be happy but they need to do it in a reasonable way; not in a way that in order to be happy causes problems around you.

By fyordonez303