Blog Post #6 response to “Father of Lights”

What was challenging or could be challenging to you about the film?

A: Something challenging to me,  would be to have enough confidence to go up to people and pray for them and talk to them about Jesus, especially if its people I don’t know. I would probably feel scared or nervous when ever I get the chance to do this. But its something I guess I have to work on because Jesus told us to do so, and I have to conquer this challenge. 

What did this movie reveal to you about Character of God?

A: The movie didn’t necessary reveal something new to me about God’s Character instead confirmed what I believed through the film that God is all powerful and loving. In the movie from every single story God’s power prevailed through every situation. And it just helps me to know that God does care for his people and his love is found everywhere.

Did the movie address any, “misconceptions” you have/had about God?

A: The movie did bring some misconceptions, when they encountered the people with picket signs and they were declaring God’s anger to everyone. I found that frustrating because God is all loving and is a judge. And to me, the best way to show who God is to tell people His love and how he wants us to be with him in paradise. Just something that the movie showed how to me it was a misconception towards God. 

How would you describe the Evangelism Strategy or Heart of Evangelism in the film?

A: I would describe the strategy, as a way that best depicts God’s love toward his people and how others should do so. By showing God’s love through one showing love to others it a great way for others to believe and to bring healing to people. 

What story struck you the most and why?

A: The story that struck me the most was of the family that left their life in the US and left to another country to do God’s Will. The reason is that they sacrificed their “good” life for a life that many wouldn’t trade. To me that really takes a big LEAP of faith because not many would do that. Also, to know that they realized they left everything to do God’s will is exactly what God commands us to do and that people should ought to do more. 

What would you like to do differently in your life after seeing this film? 

A: Something I would like to do differently is to do God’s will and do something with my life that best would please God. Whether its my career or hobbies, just something that best glorifies him. And to not be nervous If i get a chance to talk to people about Jesus. 


Blog Post #5

Describe God:  There are 5 possibilities; no God, man as God, many gods, one immanent God or one transcendent God

How did the faith come to be: This faith came from the “OLD” paganism, most of its information came from the old religion. With new modifications that the new one doesn’t have which are supernatural/transcendent, absolute morality, man as the new god.

what are core components of this faith: Heaven and earth are their core components.

who is Jesus: To them, Jesus would have been another god like the rest of the others.

What is something this faith has common with Christianity: They believe in a divine power, they believe people are from earth go to heaven based upon themselves.  When baptizing people both sides were naked upon the event of baptizing.

what are a few differences between this faith and Christianity: new paganism doesn’t believe in hell, they don’t disagree with witchcraft. Christianity believes there a hell, and believe witchcraft is evil and bad. Christianity believes in ONE GOD, while NP believes in many. Jesus is not a paganism concept but part of the Christian faith. No official doctrine

Some thoughts that came to my mind while reading this was that Christianity is clear and easily to understand than New paganism. I read how there are parallels to each other and at the same time i saw some differences between them. For instance the old paganism believes that Christians copied from them. To which I say they did not, Christianity came into being because God revealed himself into the form of man who came to earth and taught the people how to live a good life that honors God. I saw that paganism has many possibilities of a god, when they doubt who they worship. At the same time Christianity believes in one God, The God of the creation and true God.


By fyordonez303

Blog post #4

Describe God:

A: Buddhism does not believe in a Creator God; It does, however, have numerous non-creator deities.

How did the faith come to be:

A: It came from India,  from Gautama Buddha

What are core components to be:

A:  Form, perception, conception, volition, and consciousness,  Desire leads to suffering.

Who is Jesus:

A: they acknowledge Jesus was a good man

What is something this faith has in common with Christianity:

A: The faith was birthed from virgin women, women are equal. They both have vigorous missionaries.

What are a few differences between this faith and Christianity:

A: Reincarnation  vs heaven.  They don’t believe in Jesus’ second coming.  Buddha knows he is a man. They don’t have official prophets.  Buddhism is known in Asia. While Christianity is worldwide known.  Christianity views people following other religions as paganism while Buddhism views as non contradiction. More differences than similarities.

By fyordonez303