Blog Post #5

Describe God:  There are 5 possibilities; no God, man as God, many gods, one immanent God or one transcendent God

How did the faith come to be: This faith came from the “OLD” paganism, most of its information came from the old religion. With new modifications that the new one doesn’t have which are supernatural/transcendent, absolute morality, man as the new god.

what are core components of this faith: Heaven and earth are their core components.

who is Jesus: To them, Jesus would have been another god like the rest of the others.

What is something this faith has common with Christianity: They believe in a divine power, they believe people are from earth go to heaven based upon themselves.  When baptizing people both sides were naked upon the event of baptizing.

what are a few differences between this faith and Christianity: new paganism doesn’t believe in hell, they don’t disagree with witchcraft. Christianity believes there a hell, and believe witchcraft is evil and bad. Christianity believes in ONE GOD, while NP believes in many. Jesus is not a paganism concept but part of the Christian faith. No official doctrine

Some thoughts that came to my mind while reading this was that Christianity is clear and easily to understand than New paganism. I read how there are parallels to each other and at the same time i saw some differences between them. For instance the old paganism believes that Christians copied from them. To which I say they did not, Christianity came into being because God revealed himself into the form of man who came to earth and taught the people how to live a good life that honors God. I saw that paganism has many possibilities of a god, when they doubt who they worship. At the same time Christianity believes in one God, The God of the creation and true God.


By fyordonez303

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