Blog Post #7

Well, Mr Gabe Lyons spoke about how today, Christianity has been viewed as a negative perception. He states that it has been changed since centuries ago; how today many young people are criticizing Christians. He says that today many Christians are judgmental  anti-homosexual, and hypocritical. He tells in the conference that Christians should be restorers instead of cultural Christians or separatist. Where the cultural is a Christian who just believes and doesn’t put into practice what Jesus said. A separatist is one who likes to be outside of the world. Where Gabe says we should be Christians who create, called to be and be provoked. By creating it means to use talents/gifts to solve problems. To be provoked is not be offended but want to be engaged Lastly, called to be is where ever our faith takes us.

My Thoughts: I agree with fact that today Christianity is being viewed differently compared to protestant age. Today we live in a modern time where, people believe for just believing. To which I am not one of those, I believe in Christ and know how to deal with different scenarios. He points out three common issues against Christianity, anti-homosexual, judgmental  and hypocritical. To which is true many Christians are what the issues claim to be. I myself know where I fall into those categories. But I try to fix my perception.  We are not perfect, no one is, therefore no one has the right to condemn a Christian for being the way they are. Yes, I know people who are hypocritical, who are Christians. Mr. Lyons says that we should be restorers than to be the other two he says. I agree, we should be different and do in our best interest to make a difference. I will do my best to do God’s will and do something in my life where God wants me to be. Whether its my career or a business I am at. Finally, if we make a difference on earth then Christianity shall prevail on everything.

By fyordonez303