Blog Post #1

Which moral philosophy makes the most sense to you of the ones that we have covered? Can you see any downsides(negatives) for yourself in following this philosophy? What about a whole culture?

A: I believe the moral philosophy that made the most sense to me is, Altruism and Self-Interest because I do believe in fact that people have some selfless care for other people’s needs. I tend to always put my needs aside when it comes to helping someone. For an example, a friend of mine needed help with some homework; I had a load of homework but I took the time and helped him with his homework. I could have taken the a selfish approach and not help him, instead I took a selfless approach to help him. Do I see some downsides for myself, simple answer, NO. I always tend to help out and worry about myself later. As a culture, I personally believe there is a selfless character in everyone, this philosophy does work in our society today. For instance, if you were to see someone in the street who needs help, sooner or later someone will come and address the person in need.

What philosophy that you didn’t agree with, did you find the most interesting? why?

A: The philosophy that I didn’t agree with was Aristotle because it says that humans do not need to believe in God. I believe regardless of religion, you have to know that someone had to create the universe, therefore people are not the center of the universe. Instead our creator is the center of the universe and therefore humans are second in line. The philosophy that I found most interesting was Relativism, because I agree with some points like people’s view of truth depends on their own point of view, but at the same time didn’t agree with that majority is always right. The majority may think they are correct, but if one doesn’t agree with the majority they believe they are correct. Therefore in both sides, they believe both are correct, where each person’s viewpoint is correct according to what they believe.

How are the three philosophies that you see most utilized by our culture?

A: The three philosophies I see utilized in our culture today are Altruism and Self-Interest, Utilitarianism and Divine Command. In our culture, people will set aside their selfish needs to help others in need, like a father helps his children (other than in him to do so) sets what hes doing and takes time from himself to help his children. Utilitarianism, is shown by everyone in the world, people will do anything to make themselves happier or be at the stage of happiness. For an example, someone is in the streets, and then he sees that he is not happy. He decides to pick himself up and make a life or a name for themselves. Where they will pursue happiness by leaving the streets and become a person with class. Finally, Divine Command is seen in our culture by in the reformation, we see people saying things different from what said centuries before, has caused people to doubt their authenticity and believe they are wrong. However there are also people who believe what that person said, that is why today there are more than 50 different denominations of Christianity from Pentecost to Adventist to even Catholics. All have similar ideas but at the same time have different ideas which leads people to believe in different things. The end.